IMG_2808My life is all about colors and design.

In the morning, I look out from my bedroom window. I see the lake and the beauty of the morning colors. Always changing and inspiring.

When I cook, I want the food to look colorful. Colors attracts and enhances the taste.

The garden is my main interest. The colors makes the sentence. Flowers growing in different periods never ceases to surprise.

Tree trunks in many shades, foliages and all the little insects, from here i get strength and inspiration. The color combination of nature is always match correctly.

Growing up in northern Finland has influenced me. Nature there is strict and impulsive. The soft colors in the winter turns into an explosion of colors in summer. Nature’s creating a color scale in the light summer night. Autumn transforms nature with chilly nights to a red explosion.

The seasons are short and intense. Some say that we have eight seasons in the Arctic Circle.

This also means that you become humble before the seasons. You follow them and live by them.

Making patterns is a passion for me. Everything starts with a paper, brushes, pencils and colors. It never ceases to fascinate how satisfied I feel in the creative process.IMG_2558

In this website, I’m presenting pictures and stories. You can follow me behind the scenes and on my journies.

I have long experience working in biggest textile companies in Sweden and have been running my own company for over 20 years with partners worldwide. I create textiles, wallpapers, carpets, papers and so on …

My wish is to inspire and bring happiness in color and shape.

Teija Bruhn